About Me

Here’s the Deal…

My vision is to bring the creative media of large organizations and place it in the hands of churches, non-profits, and small business owners.  The world is in an interesting place, mega-churches have given people an experience that is difficult to match for smaller churches and organizations. But this doesn’t mean that smaller church can simply ignore the way the world is moving. This is where I want to help you change the world


Just because you don’t have a large staff or organization, it doesn’t mean you can’t have the same level of technology. My goal is to bring this level of connection to your church or organization and ultimately help you change the world.

We all have a story:

Sharing it is the challenge. Large business can afford to pay to have their information to the top of your news feed. You can’t compete with that kind of cash.

But it gets better…

You don’t have to compete with that kind of budget. In a world that is constantly evolving; technology that was once only available to massive companies are not able to be utilized by organizations of any size.

I spend every day listening to every podcast, reading every article, learning about every new way to market your church to reach your audience and change the world.  You don’t need a massive budget, you simply need your story and a way to tell it.

Why Work With Me


I am an ordained minister, using my gifts to help other churches, non-profits, and small businesses tell their stories. It is my goal to offer you the best content or website as a fraction of market costs. Why? Becuase your story deserves to be told, and no one should benefit off your life experiences – except you.


Let’s Work Together


If you want to know more about me, what I do, or how to impact the world with your story, just fill out the information below. Changing the world doesn’t seem as difficult if you have the right medium to share your story.